John McIntosh is a long-time troublemaker and breaker of hearts. While the other children were learning to be socially acceptable, John was running Dungeons & Dragons campaigns for his friends and punching them when they failed to concentrate on the story. He's been a LARPer since the tender age of fourteen, and, after running the old Greensboro LARP in 2005 and terrifying other players in various games through the years, he's finally throwing his hat back into the ring as a storyteller. He is the main author/decision-maker/despot of the game, and should be bothered whenever possible.
Anne Myers, on the other hand, couldn't punch her way out of a paper bag, but she makes up for it by learning large words. A refugee from a large brood of gamers, she has tried her hand at almost everything, but hasn't had too much experience in actually running games. She serves as the administrative storyteller for the game: running the website, printing your character sheets, preparing props, jotting down John's madcap plot ideas, and staying up until four a.m. scripting NPCs that will be killed within ten minutes of entering their scenes.

Who is this Cameron Bradley? That question is but one of the many mysteries surrounding this quiet, Vermont-based mastermind of madness. He is John's direct aide when it comes to planning stories and keeping the conflicts flowing, and if you're lucky, you might even see him at game one of these times...

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