Whether you're looking for information on the game itself, checking out other happenings in the World of Darkness, or just wanting to learn a little bit more about New York, you can probably find some relevant information in these websites. If you see something out there in the wilds of the internet that ought to be represented here, please feel free to let us know!

Vampire: the Masquerade Resources

Patman.org. This site is home to one of the most exhaustive attempts on the web to catalogue all the vampires from White Wolf's official material, as well as containing quite a lot of information on various clans, disciplines, and lore from the game.

Sanguinus Curae. While it's no longer regularly updated, this site has a wealth of player-generated content pertaining to the World of Darkness in general and Vampire in particular.

The official White Wolf Wiki. White Wolf's official pages on their games, with plenty of information and links. While they no longer officially support the old World of Darkness, the information still hasn't been removed.

The unofficial White Wolf Wiki. This site, on the other hand, does not have White Wolf's official sanction; however, it is in many ways more thorough, and has the added bonus of plenty of player input and interaction.

New York City Resources

New York City's official website. There's no place to learn about the city like its own website.

NYCGo. Of course, the city's website doesn't cover the hotspots, night life, and cultural happenings of the city quite like this one does. Shows, events, articles, and more.

City Lore. A great resource for information on the city and its cultural evolutions over the past few centuries.