Welcome! Gotham by Night is a Vampire: the Masquerade LARP set in New York City, currently meeting for games once per month. We always welcome new players; feel free to visit the rules sections and the forums and look around, and to contact us if you have questions.

Gotham by Night is a pre-generated game; that is, the storytellers create characters for all new players in order to make sure that everyone gets to have a cohesive, interactive story (what you do with those characters, obviously, is up to you, but we like to give you something to go on to start with). We also like to trick out our pre-generated characters with a few extra points and goodies here and there.

So hot damn, guys. It's an interview! Fill it out so we can get to know a little bit about you, and set you up with a character that you'll enjoy playing.

Your Name
Your Email Address
What do you do for a living?
If you're still in school,
what are you studying?

How often do you think you'll
be showing up for game?

What internet browser and
screen resolution do
you typically use?

How long have you been playing
role-playing games? What
different games have you
previously played?

How much do you know about
the (old) World of Darkness

How do you feel about R-rated
material (sex, drugs, torture,
crime, etc.) in your games?

Would you be interested in
playing someone in a position
of power or authority?
Why or why not?

Name your top three favorite
clans to play, and tell us
why you enjoy playing them.

Put the following seven animals
in order from 1 (most appealing)
to 7 (least appealing):
An aggressive, territorial dog
A contented, manipulative cat
A smart, crafty monkey
A vigilant, noble hawk
A dangerous, powerful shark
A stoic, wise turtle
A charismatic, flamboyant bird

And that's it, folks. Be honest. We can smell the sweet, salty tang of lies transmitted via HTML.

If you feel that you absolutely must create your own character, we're down with that, too. Write up your concept--in detail!--and email it to us, either through this form or at ampstorytellers@gmail.com, and we'll see what we can do about approving it. Be aware, however, that not every concept will be approved (does our game need a 7th-gen Salubri antitribu with Daimonen and Melpominee? ...no. No, it does not) and that characters created by players won't come with the extra points and abilities that the pre-generated characters get.