Welcome to Gotham by Night! We hope you have all the fun you could possibly cope with!

That said, however, we do have a few basic ground rules for you guys. Not because we want to wave our Banner of Ultimate Power, but because we want everybody to have a good time.

Rule 1: Don't be a jerk.
Yeah, you can be the biggest bastard the earth has ever seen--but only in character. It might seem like an intuitive rule, but you'd be surprised how many people seem to forget to be nice just because they have a character sheet in hand. Be courteous and respectful of your fellow players, no matter what the characters might be up to.

Rule 2: Come to game clean.
We're not your mom, so we don't care if you get drunk or tipsy or high or whatever. But please keep it outside of game. It can be disruptive and frustrating for other players if you're under the influence, and besides, the game will probably be more fun for you if you're thinking clearly, anyway. Game time is for having fun with the game; afterward, we can all go hit the pub.

Rule 3: Respect everybody's space.
We don't think you need to keep your hands pinned to your sides at all times; handshakes, hugs, shoulder pats, and all kinds of other physical contact are part of basic communication, and there's nothing wrong with using them in character. But don't get handsy without permission, and when in doubt, make sure you ask your fellow players if they're comfortable with the occasional hug or whatever else you have in mind. We want everyone to feel safe and have a good time.

Rule 4: When in IC areas, stay in character.
There are few things more frustrating than trying to keep your character mojo while somebody is talking loudly about football or WoW or their latest doctor's visit next to you. By all means, hang out and socialize, but do it in the OOC areas or where there aren't other players trying to play. Odds are there will always be people around taking a break from play, and that's perfectly cool.

Rule 5: Keep your IC information to yourself whenever possible.
Believe us, we know. We are just as guilty as anyone else of finishing a game session and running straight to our friends, excited as hell to share some cool thing that we did during the game. But V:tM is all about knowledge and underhanded tricks, and the more information you share amongst yourselves, the greater chance that something will accidentally slip into play, even by accident. It cuts down on the fun things available to the characters, including yours, when everybody knows about everything. So keep your secrets if you can. Very hush-hush.

That's all, folks! Have a good time!