The masquerade party, held on Nosferatu Elysium, was a great success, seeing many of the city’s most influential movers and shakers passing through, from the most insignificant Toreador to surprise guests such as the Giovanni. Both Thomas Arturo and Hellene Panhard were in attendance, adding their innate charm to the proceedings, and Panhard made an unexpected splash when she announced that, in retaliation for his actions against the defenseless of Clan Tremere, the Scourge, David Morgan, would be named Rash. Morgan could not be reached for comment, but business didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits; several of the Primogen, including Killian Barr, Carter Vanderweyden, and Johanus could be seen participating in party games and lively discussion. Alas that it ended so quickly… but parties have a way of doing that when things start exploding.