Every city has its movers and shakers, and New York has a more colorful cast of characters than most. These are the figures that factor heavily in nightly life here, and you would be wise to familiarize yourself with them.

Clan Brujah

A hot-blooded Mexican fighter, Barbosa is known for his hair-trigger temper. (Played by Zachary Ruggiero)
Charisma Tiang is one of Clan Brujah's few quiet children, a very studious young woman.

Killian's son Connor Barr is as hard-boiled as detectives come, and then some. (Played by Jonathan Cobbs)
A celebrated actor in the mortal world, Jon O'Henry is a brawling Irish Brujah by night. (Played by Clayton Wick)

The new Primogen of Clan Brujah, Killian Barr, is a jolly bartending presence no matter what else might be going on. (Played by Al-Don Schraeder)
A take-no-nonsense beauty, Marlena Horsmanden can pump iron with the best of the boys, and does. (Played by Amy Jerva)

Stephen Patrick Maslowe prefers to be called by his nickname, Mazz, while he acts as Harpy and liaison to the glittering elite of New York. (Played by Abe Schraeder)
A venerable professor and aged elder of his clan, Dr. Octavio Popodopolus pushes for a return to the scholarly, philosophical roots of the Brujah. (Played by Thomas Beerbower)

The hot-tempered leader of the Brujah ultimate fighting gym, Santiago Ramirez is a force to be reckoned with, possibly more so now that he has thrown in with the Anarchs.

Clan Gangrel

An odd man out among his kind, Bruno Spivak eschews the woods and inhabits the sewer tunnels of New York with the Nosferatu.

Clan Malkavian

Carter Vanderweyden is the Primogen of Clan Malkavian, an ambitious and formidable businessman.
The Scourge, David Morgan, says little to most but is most assuredly effective in the city. (Played by Kris Smith)

James's twitchy childe, Jack Lyghe, can seldom be coaxed out of his haven.
Carter's new daughter, Shoshana Bell, is like a ray of sunshine in every room despite her inexperience. (Played by Jennie Lynn)

Clan Nosferatu

The Prince, Calebros, is a long-time resident of New York, and he keeps the Traditions closely.
Cristoph Belgario, the Keeper of Elysium, runs the fabulous masquerade shop on St. Mark's Place.

Emmett is not officially the Seneschal, but he frequently acts as his brother's right-hand man.
A Sabbat convert, Gemini has spent her recent time getting chummy with some Giovanni.

Gutter, Jeremiah's childe and a shrewd businessman, owns a lumber yard and train depot in Sunnyside, Queens.
Obese and sexually demanding, Hilda Washington is a transplant from Atlanta.

After spending some time with the Malkavian Anatole, Jeremiah speaks only doomful prophecies of Gehenna.
A faithful preacher, Josiah Herndon wishes to convert as many of his clan as possible before the Rapture.

After causing a massive debacle with the Giovanni, Krid, the most attractive of the Nosferatu, has not been seen since a meeting with Calebros.
Another recent transplant from Annapolis, Maryland, Marsden Colchester resembles a giant muppet. (Played by Ryan Chenoweth)

A crack netgeek, Trace works for Uncle Smelly on secret projects known only to them.
The owner and operator of ShreckNet, Uncle Smelly is a classic Nosferatu in every way.

Vozhd is a hulking Sabbat convert, whose loyalties no one is yet entirely sure of.
Emmett's first childe has had a rough introduction to Kindred life; the Warren Rat still doesn't even have a name.

Clan Toreador

The choice of a Toreador for the office of Sheriff seems odd to some, but Qadir al-Asmai, an ex-Archon, has more than enough skill to accompany his striking Arab beauty.

Clan Tremere

The powerful High Regent of the Tremere of New York City, Aisling Sturbridge has spent the last several years in the besieged city.
Part of New York's old guard, Barnabas Stride was one of the first to revitalize the stock market after the crash.

A young alchemist, Catherine Lafayette runs The Iron Fairies, the Tremere soap-store on St. Mark's Place.
A recent arrival from Texas, Dorian Hyers--or Nimrod, as he prefers to be called--often seems almost overconfident. (Played by Mat Schantz)

The public face of Clan Tremere, Eugenio Estevez is a distinguished older gentleman.
Lord Ephraim Wainwright, better known as the Imp, still dresses in the Victorian fashion, complete with top hat.

A powerful presence and one of the front-line leaders in the defense against the Sabbat, Gideon Croups is well-known for his knowledge of the hideous Tzimisce. (Played by The Mystery Man)
A young student of the Kabbalah, Israel Abramov has the classic look of a Hassidic Jew.

Johanus, the red-haired Master of Apprentices, is one of the rare socially-adept members of the clan. (Played by Tom McCoy)
Kyle Beckinsfield is a young lawyer working his way up Wall Street. (Played by Adam Miller)

One of a pair of identical twins, Luther Savage seldom appears in public but is usually well-groomed when he does.
A young, beautiful girl, Masika St. John seems completely obsessed with computers.

The other identical twin, Mordecai Savage is more outgoing and dresses in a very modern style.
A Jewish elder, Reuben Rothstein is well-known for helping the chantry to import a few gargoyles from the old country during the Sabbat conflict.

A medical researcher and practicing doctor, Thomas Noble is always studying the Kindred condition. (Played by Trent Cormier)

Clan Ventrue

Boss Callihan is the Baron of anarch-controlled Staten Island, a happy old bearded man with a heart of iron.