Marcus Aurelius - Ventrue

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Marcus Aurelius - Ventrue

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Character Name: Marcus Aurelius (Tobias Lancaster)

Clan: Ventrue

Position (if any): Ventrue Primogen of New York
Apparent Age: Early to Mid Twenties
Actual Age: 300

Appearance - Marcus looks more like a jovial student than an elder Ventrue.
Hair - Dark Brown, just at chin length.
Eyes - Brown.
Build - While not necessarily a slight man - standing at an even 6'0 with broad shoulders - Marcus is anything but physically intimidating.
Demeanor - Effortlessly relaxed.
Dominant personality feature - Ingratiating. Marcus is very adept at making anyone, from the lowliest ghouls to the rulers of cities, feel as though they are the only people in the world when they speak with him.

Taken PB (if any): Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Known Skills: Leadership, Finance,

Gossip (Kindred): Tobias Lancaster was a little known kindred residing in the courts of Europe when the abrupt death of his grandsire, the current ruler of the line of Aurelius, thrust him into the spotlight. Though not the eldest competing, Tobias eventually managed to win the position and immediately took the name Marcus Aurelius. He threw himself into the task of learning how to best lead his family, studying under many of the great princes of Europe. Not much is known of him beyond that, until his emergence in the New World. He was sent by the power players of the Camarilla - first to help quell the small Anarch uprising led by none other than his old childe, Ian Kross, and eventually to help win the war that ravaged the east coast. He served as a general during the conflict, never seeing battle himself but coordinating efforts among the various factions involved. After the reclamation of New York and the end of the war, he stayed behind to serve as Ventrue Primogen. There are still some within his clan that find his inexperience distressing and, given the Ventrue tradition of accountability, hold him responsible for the actions of his most infamous childe; however, his accomplishments in the recent years comprise a long list and his allies remaining in Europe are quick to sing his praises.

Gossip (Mortal): None.

Other Information: Marcus Aurelius is widely known as more of a title than a name, used by the eldest active kindred of a prestigious Ventrue bloodline. However, few remain in the New World that are old or savvy enough to recall the current Aurelius's true name, as he's ruled his family for more than a century.

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Marcus Aurelius
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