Marc Levesque - Brujah

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Marc Levesque - Brujah

Postby Admin » Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:50 pm

Character Name: Marc Levesque
Clan: Brujah
Position: None
Status: 0 (Known Anarch)
Apparent Age: 35
Actual Age: 100

Appearance - Marc takes decent care of himself, though grooming seldom the first thing on his mind. Passable is his watchword.
Hair - Dark and curly, cut short.
Eyes - Dark brown and brooding.
Build - Marc is shortish at 5'10", and has a stocky, centered build.
Demeanor - Intense and even somewhat dashing, Marc seems to be comfortable only when discussing the revolution, and turns conversation in that direction whenever possible.
Dominant personality feature - Marc is fiercely passionate--in fact, almost inappropriately so. He is easily touched off, and usually very heated in his opinions.

Known Skills: Combat and rhetoric. As a French Canadian national, he also speaks fluent French.

Gossip (Kindred): Marc is a known Anarch, but beyond that doesn't merit much notice from the status-brokers.

Gossip (Mortal): None.

Other Information: Nothing of note.

Known Relatives: None in Chicago.
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