Welcome to Chicago by Night!

Where to get the down and dirty on what this "Vampire" business is all about.

Welcome to Chicago by Night!

Postby Admin » Tue Jul 15, 2008 8:49 pm

Welcome to Chicago by Night, a Vampire: the Masquerade role-playing messageboard. Here we hang out and play, and everyone generally has a blast.

We're always glad to see new players, so feel free to ask anyone anything and to check out all the craziness on these here boards. The mods are Annie (beautiful-disaster) and myself, Anne (Maeve Glaistig), and we're always glad to help out.

This forum has all the basic rules for playing the game, so feel free to browse through until you feel like you've got a grasp on things; everyone will be glad to help you as you go along, as well. Also visit the Rules forum for more specific information on character creation, and page through the old threads to see some of the role-playing that's been going on recently.

We look forward to playing with you!

Anne & Annie,
The Terrible Twin Mods
We are the apocalypse!
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