Vyres Briggs - Malkavian

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Vyres Briggs - Malkavian

Postby Admin » Thu Jul 17, 2008 2:24 pm

Name - Vyres Briggs
clan - malkavian
apparent age - 21
actual age - 28
how did I come to chicago: fell asleep on a bus okay? geeze get off my case!
how I became a member of the circle: inited by the other malkavian in the city.
hair - ash/violet
eyes - purple
build - wirey 6'2
personality - cocky, to a fault. hates people who are to full of themselves and appriciates the value of a good time.

gossip - who the f**k is this guy and how did he get here? wasn't his sire crazy...for a malkavian?
We are the apocalypse!
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